When's The Best Time To Take Naked Meal?

Recently purchased Naked Meal and I’m loving it so far - but I’m wondering when the best time to take Naked Meal is? Should I be taking it just before a workout? And are there advantages of taking it at certain times?

That really depends on your goals. If you’re looking to lose weight then substituting it for a meal is good - we still recommend blending it with a banana, blueberries or something else to add flavor. If you’re instead using it in place of a protein powder then taking it after a workout makes sense.

Personally, I often use it the day after a workout and add it in oatmeal, sometimes with peanut butter as well. It’s a good way to get extra protein plus probiotics over traditional oatmeal.

Perfect! I’m looking to use it to substitute a meal, so I might substitute if for a meal after a workout.

Thank you for the recipe suggestions as well! I’ll make sure to try those out!