What are the benefits of taking Naked Casein before bed?

I’m interested in learning more about how Naked Casein actually works when you take it before bed. What are the full benefits of taking the protein before you sleep?

Hi ProteinPowder,

The key difference with the whey protein most people are familiar with is that casein is a slow-digesting protein, compared to whey which is fast. Therefore, our Naked Casein is best before bed because you’re in essence getting a steady drip of protein supplementation, helping to repair and build your muscles while you sleep.

From our blog: http://blog.nkdnutrition.com/everything-you-need-to-know-about-micellar-casein/

"When it’s exposed to your system the powdered micellar casein will do that same thing – it will form clumps. And, while that sounds awful and unpleasant, it’s sort of exactly what you want to happen. The tendency means that it will take your system hours to completely breakdown and metabolize all of that protein, keeping you nourished the entire time.

For those looking to build muscle, this makes casein a superior option. In fact, casein has shown itself to be more effective and encouraging muscle growth than whey in several studies. And, when you combine that with the calming effects that we mentioned above, it makes sense that many bodybuilders will take casein immediately before going to sleep for the night."

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