Stacking Naked Products

I am a user of the Naked Pre-workout, BCAAS, Pea Protein. On any given day and on workout days what and when should I use each product?

Hi Dauntless,

Part of this will depend on your goals and diet but for Naked Energy - that is the most straightforward and we recommend taking it about 20-30 minutes before your workout. The timing is something to experiment with though as people will metabolize ingredients at different rates and it’s best to see how your body reacts and feels over the course of your workouts.

For protein - if you could only take it before or after a workout, it’d be better to take it before because this would start protein synthesis during your workout opposed to only after. Of course, some protein before and after as needed is ideal. More recent research suggests that the benefits are still gained even if the post-workout protein supplementation occurs even 2 hours after a workout (previously the conventional wisdom was it was critical to take protein within 30 minutes of the workout end).

“Pre- and/or post-exercise nutritional interventions (carbohydrate + protein or protein alone) may operate as an effective strategy to support increases in strength and improvements in body composition. However, the size and timing of a pre-exercise meal may impact the extent to which post-exercise protein feeding is required.Post-exercise ingestion (immediately to 2-h post) of high-quality protein sources stimulates robust increases in MPS.In non-exercising scenarios, changing the frequency of meals has shown limited impact on weight loss and body composition, with stronger evidence to indicate meal frequency can favorably improve appetite and satiety.”


But, note that a recent study has shown that when the goal is to gain muscle when protein is taken is not a critical factor. Much more important is just the fact that it is consumed and therefor it’s more about what is convenient.

“Across the range of measures, there were no meaningful results consistently attributable to pre- versus post-exercise protein ingestion. The implications of these findings are that the trainee is free to choose, based on individual factors (i.e., preference, tolerance, convenience, and availability), whether to consume protein immediately pre- or post-exercise.”


For BCAAs, unlike protein supplementation which can be beneficial at most times from when you wake up to just before sleep, BCAAs are best taken a little before a workout, especially if you’re in a fasted state or on a low carb diet. Second best would be drinking them during your workout and third would be just after a workout to help build back up amino acids that your body needs for muscle recovery and growth.

Hope this helps and any follow up just let us know!

Thank you so much for your reply. This helps a great deal. Although some differ in their methods, I will work through this for a period and see how it works for me.