Naked Whey 5lb unflavored

Is there any reason why this is discontinued? This is really my go to product and this change to 1lb only size really really inconveniences me and also drives up cost and waste as I have to order 5 to replace the 1 tub I had. I really loved your products and did not even think about looking at competitors until I saw this devastating change

Hi there,

Naked Whey 5lb is not discontinued and is available for purchase both on our site and Amazon. The 5lb size will never be discontinued. If you’re having trouble ordering still please do let us know.

Best regards

Thank you so much that is such a relief. However I live in Canada and on there is no 5lb version anymore. Only 1lb. I ordered the 5lb last month but now its not there anymore. I also checked and it shows the product as unavailable for 5lbs which is why I came to this premature conclusion


Sorry to not ask your location and apologies but we’re temporarily out of stock in Canada on the 5LB size. It should be back in stock in about 2-3 weeks.

Thanks so much for promptly clearing that up. You guys are my fav brand for protein by far. Keep up the great work and I will be continuing my support!

Thank you! Appreciate that!