Collagen Peptides as Whey replacement

I have been taking Naked Whey for about a year now and recently started considering adding Collagen Pepties to my diet. Since the Whey is 20g of protein and Collagen is 9G of protein should I replace a scoop of my Whey with the Collagen??

Hi Courtney,

If with your specific diet plan you only wish to supplement approximately 20g of protein a day then replacing a scoop of whey with a scoop of collagen will work. You could also simply add 9g of collagen peptides to your diet on days you work out.

Note that the whey is best is shakes using a blender because we do not add any additional ingredients or chemicals to assist with it dissolving while the collagen protein naturally mixes easier and can be added to sports drinks or even water. So, if both were added to a shake that would be no problem.

Any further questions just let us know!