Calcium Content

Your collagen protein shows calcium on the nutrition facts label. For some reason, I can’t calcium listed on any other collagen supplements. Is the calcium in your collagen supplement added or is calcium naturally found in bovine collagen peptides?

Hi there,

Good question - we’re not sure why other brands don’t list the calcium content or of their processing methods but in Naked Collagen the calcium is naturally occurring. Anything that is not naturally occurring we would list as an ingredient.

Any other questions feel free.


Hey. I also have a question. What is the source of you calcium for this product? Also what other key ingredients make this a healthy product?

Hi there,

The calcium is naturally occurring - the collagen is from European bovine. And like many of our products, there is only 1 ingredient. Nothing is added. The collagen powder has no flavor and naturally mixes well even in water if you stir it and let it sit for a few minutes you’ll just see clear water.

Thanks for the question and any other just let us know.