Best Before Date and Expiry

Hi all,

I started to work out a few years ago, but unfortunately I couldn’t keep up the routine for very long. During that time I got the 5lb Naked Whey. I really enjoyed the taste and I think it was helping with my gains.

I now have a gym membership and a good routine going. Since I barely touched the 5lb jar, I’m wondering if I can continue to use it even though it is past the Best Before date?

Date of purchase: July 2017
Best Before: August 2018

The powder looks fine - doesn’t seem to have any more clumps than when I bought it. Is there anything else I can look for to determine if this is still good?

Thanks in advance!

Hey guy,

Great to hear you’re back in the gym and good question. This will depend partly on how it was stored. But you’re on the right track with using your basic senses to check it since the breakdown process will vary.

If the taste or smell is off, then it should be thrown away. Naked Whey will be more resilient than most proteins since we’re not adding sugar but for more details on this would recommend checking out this blog to help you determine if the canister is still good.

Thanks for your response and referring that link. I gave it a try and it tastes the same as it did in the beginning.

Some followup details, just in case it’s useful to anyone later on:

  • Stored in a cupboard above fridge - cool, dry, no light
  • Jar was closed tightly
  • No clumps, powder was loose if you shake the jar
  • Smelled the same as in the beginning - kind of like powder milk

Here’s a picture of what it looks like

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